Exploring the Different Types of Card Savers

Exploring the Different Types of Card Savers

Card Savers have been the most popular semi-rigid trading card holders in the world since their debut at the 1987 National Sports Collectors Convention. They have become the go-to choice for collectors and dealers alike. If you're into sports cards, Pokémon cards, or Magic: The Gathering (MTG), you've probably heard of Card Savers. These holders have even been recommended by PSA, the big name in card grading, and most major PSA-authorized dealers.

Cardboard Gold, the creator of Card Savers, has sold more than 500 million trading card holders since their introduction. People love them because they're made from the highest grade and clearest plastic that keeps your cards safe and looking great.

Authentic "Card Savers" Are the Best Choice for Your Cards

"Card Saver" is a registered U.S. Trademark of Cardboard Gold, Inc. The reason dealers, collectors, card grading companies, and distributors ask for Card Savers by Cardboard Gold is because they have been the world's #1 trading card holder since 1987.

These aren't some cheap holders you found at the corner store. Collectors who treasure their cards, dealers who buy and sell them, and even professional companies that grade cards for value all trust Card Savers to keep their precious pieces safe. That says a lot! Beware of knockoffs - Cardboard Gold promises the best quality, so stick with the real deal for 100% satisfaction.

Card Savers are the most popular trading card holders around. They're made of super clear, high-quality plastic that won't damage your cards. They come in different sizes to fit all sorts of cards - even big ones. Here's a quick guide to find the perfect fit for your card collection:

Card Saver 1: The Gold Standard

Card Saver 1 is the most effective choice for safeguarding your prized sports trading cards. PSA and BGS specifically recommend Card Saver 1 for graded card submissions, underscoring its unmatched quality. Here's why Card Saver 1 is the top choice:

  • Versatile : Protects standard sized and most oversized cards (including many sports cards dating back to 1952).
  • Archival Safe: Made exclusively by Cardboard Gold for over 35 years, preserving your trading cards in the highest quality material. Manufactured with the highest clarity plastic.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each individual pack contains 50 Card Saver 1's, sealed in 200ct red boxes, so it's easy to organize your cards.
  • Compatibility: Great for Pokémon, baseball, football, and other sports cards.

The iconic red box of Card Saver 1 is the only card holder mentioned by name as a recommended way to submit cards to PSA for grading, ensuring unmatched quality and trust. Collectors love that these semi-rigid card holders are slightly oversized because it makes it easier to insert and remove cards.

Card Saver 2: Perfect for Standard-Sized Cards

Card Saver 2 is designed for standard-size trading and sports cards, providing industry-standard protection since 1989. Key features include:

  • Perfect Fit: Measures 3" x 4" plus a 1/2" lip, ensuring a perfect fit for your collection. Unlike the Card Saver I, this model fits into a wider variety of deck boxes and storage containers.
  • Trusted by Collectors and PSA Dealers: 35 years of experience, trusted for unparalleled clarity, material, and manufacturing quality.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for baseball, football, and trading cards, ensuring your collection remains safe and secure.
  • Easy Storage and Display: Perfect for storage and display, making it an essential addition to any collector's arsenal.

Card Saver 2 is not for grading company submissions - Card Saver 1 is recommended for that purpose. However, it remains an excellent choice for standard-size card protection. These card holders have a snug fit and are a great choice for thin stock cards.

Card Saver 3: Tall Card Specialist

Card Saver 3 is tailored for tall cards such as Gameboy or vintage football and basketball cards from the 60s and 70s. Here's what sets Card Saver 3 apart:

  • Ultimate Protection: Provides dependable collectible holders and protection for tall boys.
  • Size: Measures 3 1/3" x 5 7/8" including a 1/2" lip, perfect for tall cards.
  • Super Clear: Ensures your tall cards are showcased with exceptional clarity.

Card Saver 3 comes in convenient 50 count packages, making it easy to store and organize your tall card collection.

Card Saver 4: Our Largest Card Saver

The Card Saver 4 is a large card holder for items up to 4" x 6", measuring 4 1/2" x 7 1/8" including a 1/2" lip. It is used for promo cards, postcards, and PSA submissions of larger or thicker cards according to PSA guidelines.

Protection You Can Trust

Cardboard Gold's Card Savers is the leading solution for trading card protection, trusted by collectors, dealers, and grading companies worldwide. Cardboard Gold has the perfect solution for you whether you need protection for standard cards, oversized cards, or tall cards. Choose Card Saver by Cardboard Gold and give your cards the protection they deserve.