3x4 Top Loaders, Trading Card Holders

3x4 top loader trading card holders are a great way to protect and store your favorite trading cards. Made of a hard plastic that is rigid with very little bend, they help keep your cards in pristine condition and make it easier to organize and display your collection. The holders also provide protection from dirt, dust and moisture, keeping your cards in excellent condition. If you're a collector, card holders are a must-have accessory, great for long term storage inside trading card storage boxes.

Our 3x4 top loaders are not just for sports trading cards. These also work great with other non sport cards like Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars, and other entertainment cards. If you have a card that is valuable to you, then our top loaders are a great solution to keep your cards in mint condition.

Why Cardboard Gold? We started selling trading card holders in 1985. Today we have the largest inventory of top-loaders, soft sleeves, and resealable bags in the world! We offer quantity discounts on all popular products so dealers, online sellers, box/case breakers, and store owners get the best possible deal! We will never, ever be undersold!