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Trading Card Supplies

We started selling trading card holders in 1985. Today we have the largest inventory of top-loaders, soft sleeves, and resealable bags in the world! Our best prices are available 24/7 right here at our web store. We offer quantity discounts on all popular products so dealers, online sellers, case breakers, and store owners get the best possible deal! We will never, ever be undersold!

Card Saver 1 (Case/2,000)

$150.00$119.00, 2/$230.00, 10/$1,050.00, 30/$2,850.00

Card Saver 2 (Case/2,000)

$120.00$99.00, 2/$178.00, 10/$850.00

Resealable Team Bags (Case/5,000)

$95.00$79.00, 2/$138.00, 6/$390.00

Graded Card Bag (Case/5,000)

$110.00$95.00, 2/$170.00, 6/$474.00