Soft Card Sleeves

Soft Card Sleeves, also known as penny sleeves, protect trading cards from dirt, dust, and moisture. This helps keep them in mint condition and can increase their value over time.

Soft sleeves also provide an extra layer of protection against damage and wear, making them ideal for cards that are frequently handled or traded; especially when they are used in addition to holders like the 3x4 Top Loaders or the Card Savers.

Our new fitted sleeves for PSA graded cards/slabs were such a big hit that our first load sold out in hours! We have expanded this line to include BGS slabs, all thick 3x4 Top-Loaders, and of course, our famous Card Saver 1. Only available from Cardboard Gold and our distributors! Sold only by the full case of 2,500 - check Ebay and Amazon for less than case quantities.

The PSA Perfect Fit Sleeves feature the PSA logo. This is an exclusive to Cardboard Gold and manufactured only by us! Use the sleeve that is used by PSA!!

Cardboard Gold has been manufacturing high quality soft sleeves for all type of trading cards since 1986. Whether you are looking to protect your baseball card collection, Pokémon, or any other cards, our soft card sleeves offer the ideal solution. PVC free and made of clear OPP (oriented polypropylene), our products are the highest quality on the market and have a 37 year track record of archival protection!