Card Savers (R)

Card Savers are the most popular semi-rigid trading card holders in the world. They are used and recommended by PSA and most major PSA authorized dealers. PSA has relied on the Card Saver 1 and Card Saver 4 trading card holders since they started in 1991.

Each size features a 1/2" lip for easy card insertion and removal. 9 mil, super clear, industry standard quality plastic has made Card Savers are the #1 choice of sports, Pokemon, and MTG card dealers since their introduction at the 1987 National Sports Collectors Convention. We have sold more than 400,000,000 Card Saver trading card holders since their introduction in Summer, 1987.

Beware of copycats and knockoffs. We use ONLY the highest grade and clearest plastic and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. There is a reason dealers, collectors, card grading companies, and distributors ask for Card Savers by Cardboard Gold!

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