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Card Savers (R)

Card Savers(TM) are the most popular semi-rigid trading card holders in the world. They are used by PSA and most major graded card dealers. Each size features a 1/2" lip for easy card insertion and removal. 9 mil, super clear, archival quality plastic has made Card Savers are the #1 choice of card dealers since their introduction at the 1987 National Sports Collectors Convention. We have sold more than 1/4 of a BILLION Card Savers over the past 25 years!

Beware of copycats and knockoffs. We use ONLY the highest grade and clearest plastic and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. There is a reason dealers, collectors, card grading companies, and distributors ask for Card Savers by Cardboard Gold!

Card Savers is a trademark of Cardboard Gold, Inc.

Card Saver 1 (Case/2,000)

$130.00$105.00, 2/$198.00, 10/$890.00, 20/$1,700.00, 50/$3,950.00

Card Saver 2 (Case/2,000)

$120.00$90.00, 2/$170.00, 10/$750.00, 20/$1,380.00, 50/$3,250.00

Card Saver 4 (Case/1,000)

$165.00$135.00, 2/$258.00, 10/$1,150.00

Card Saver 5 (Case/1,000)

$155.00$125.00, 2/$220.00