Card Saver I vs Top Loader

Card Saver I vs Top Loader

Card Saver I and Top Loaders are both great ways to protect your valuable cards such as sports trading cards or other trading cards like MTG or Pokemon. Are one of these truly superior? Does it matter which one you use? We'll explore these questions and other popular questions as we put to rest this commonly discussed debate.

Card Saver I vs Top Loaders - Which One is Best?

As with many things in life, there is no clear winner. It all depends on your needs and purpose. Each of these is "best" in different areas. Card Saver I's have a clear advantage when it comes to storing, mailing, and submitting cards for grading. On the other hand, Top Loaders come out on top for display purposes, thick cards, and rigid protection.

Which one should I use for submitting cards for grading?

When you want to submit your card for grading, Card Saver I is going to be your go-to. In the official PSA "How to Submit Show Guidelines" document, Card Saver I is mentioned as an example of the type of protective pouch you should use. The guidelines go on to say, "PSA advises against submitting in top loaders, hard acrylic cases or screw down holders."

Card Saver I is also a great option for submitting your cards to BGS. While they tend to promote their own Beckett Shield products, you'll notice that their "Storeage Sleeves" are a similar design concept as the Card Saver I except smaller.

When Should I use the Card Saver I?

Other than for graded submissions, they are a popular choice for protecting cards while mailing. These semi-rigid card holders give much more protection than soft sleeves while being a lot cheaper to ship than Top Loaders. Don't forget that cards often have wiggle room in top loaders if you don't pair them with a soft sleeve, which means they can be damaged in shipping. The snug fit of the Card Saver I will keep your card safer. You can also use a penny sleeve on your card before inserting into the Card Saver I for a more secure fit as well. Even though it's cheaper to ship Card Saver Is, if you want eliminate and risk for bends or tears, you still might want to consider using a Top Loader.

The Card Saver I card sleeves provide a more snug fit than Top Loaders, which means there is also less room for dust to enter the card sleeve. The more compact size makes these holders easier to store and they will take up less room in your collection storage.

When Should I use a Top Loader?

If you need rigid protection or you're looking to put your collection on display, Top Loaders are going to be your best choice. They won't bend and they give you a little extra room to make handling those thicker or oversized cards a whole lot easier. Top Loaderss give you the utmost protection against bends and tears. Just like the Card Saver Is, you can give your cards extra protection by putting them in a penny card sleeve before inserting into the Top Loader.

While Top Loaders make for bulky storage options and are expensive to mail, they excel in the display department. You'll see every detail of your card while on display in these crystal clear top loaders. Are you looking to display that autographed card you got at your first baseball game with Dad? Want to proudly display that Friday Night Magic promo card from winning your first tournament? How about showing off that 1999 1st Edition Charizard Holo? Cardboard Gold Top Loaders will show off your prized cards while giving you the peace of mind that they are safeguarded by the best quality Top Loaders in the industry since 1985.

Tips For Loading Card Saver Is and Top Loaders

The most important thing to do before attempting to load your card into any type of sleeve or card protector is to double check the size. The Card Saver I will fit 1952 to date Trading Cards. When sliding a card into the Card Saver I, make sure that you slightly prop it open with a finger or by gently pinching the sides while pushing the card down to lessen the amount of friction as the card goes in.

Top Loaders have a bit more room to accomodate thicker cards. It's recommended to put the card into a soft sleeve, such as a penny sleeve, before inserting it into the Top Loader. Not only does it make the card move around less, but it also protects your card corners and edges as it goes it. It will also prevent any scratches from dust and friction. Top Loaders are easier to load than Card Saver 1, so if you have any difficult with fine motor tasks, you'll find that Top Loaders will be much easier for you to work with.

More Tips and Tricks

Do you plan on shipping a large quantity of common cards? Try using an empty Top Loader on the bottom and top of the stack of cards and then secure a rubber band around the entire thing. Bookending with Top Loaders will help prevent your stack of cards from getting bent while also making sure the rubber band doesn't touch the actual cards which could cause damage. For even more protection, wrap the entire bundle in a sheet of printer paper and fold or tape it to itself.