Protecting collectibles

Since 1985


Top-Loaders (3x4 to 29x43)

CARDBOARD GOLD - the leader in Top-Loaders for more than two decades!

We started selling top-loaders in 1986. In the early 1990's, when the sports card industry was booming, we were selling 3 million regular 3x4 top-loaders PER MONTH. We have been able to sell volume and guarantee consistent quality by importing Top-Loaders and Card Savers from the same factory for more than 20 years! Our quality is consistent and our factory direct prices are the best in the business.

Top-Loaders are the most popular product for the storage and display of sports cards, photographs, postcards, currency, magazines, and lithographs in the industry. They have been produced since the mid 1980ís, first in Taiwan and then in main land China. Cardboard Gold has imported this product line directly from the largest manufacturer in Asia for more than 20 years. We have sold more than 200 million Top-Loaders the past two decades.

Cardboard Gold Top-Loaders are manufactured from rigid, crystal clear Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) that contains no plasticizers or acid. They will not migrate or harm your cards, photographs, or prints. Our rigid Top-Loads come in a variety of sizes for nearly any flat, collectible item that needs rigid protection for display, storage, or safety in movement (mailing, traveling, handling, etc.). We also make a variety of 3x4 styles for cards of various thicknesses up to 240 point. We also now offer a magazine/program style that fits items up to 10mm.

We offer super low quantity discounts on ever product for resellers!