Next load is ETA August 13th. We will have more standard 3x4 Top-Loaders, "rookie" top-loaders, 8x10 Photo Top-Loaders, 24x36 Top-Loaders, 29x43 Top-Loaders, PSA & BGS Perfect Fit Sleeves, Top-Load 18x24, and a big qty of regular soft card sleeves! Card Saver 1 & 2 is ETA 9/5/20.

Music/Record Top-Loaders & Sleeves

We have only been selling record Top-Loaders and Sleeves for 5 years. We had a sports card store customer that started selling collectible LPs (33rpm and 45rpm) and asked why we didn't manufacture holders for them. Now the 33rpm Record Sleeves are one of our most popular products - we stock over 400 cases of them (yes, that's enough sleeves to protect 800,000 33rpm Records). Our consistent sizing, exacting tolerances, and high clarity plastic are the reason these items have taken off. And the fact that are prices are the lowest in the world!