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Most Popular Photo Top-Loaders

At Cardboard Gold, we stock more Top-Loaders than anyone else in the world. There are a half dozen sizes that are the most popular: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 8.5x11, 11x14 and 11x17. We offer quantity discounts on these sizes that UltraPro and BCW can not touch. Shop around, compare prices and quality, and then bookmark this page for all of your photo top-load needs. We also offer truck freight pricing on pallet quantities of the popular sizes of photo/litho/print top-loader sizes. Do you need 25,000 8x10 Top-Loaders? We can ship them tomorrow!

Top-Loader 4x6 Photo Holder (Case/500)

$110.00$95.00, 2/$178.00, 10/$850.00, 20/$1,580.00

Top-Load 5x7 Photo Holder (Case/500)

$140.00$125.00, 2/$238.00, 10/$1,150.00

Top-Load 8x10 Photo Holder (Case/250)

$160.00$135.00, 2/$258.00, 10/$1,190.00, 20/$2,300.00

Top-Load 11x14 Photo Holder (Case/100)

$140.00$115.00, 2/$210.00, 10/$950.00

Top-Loader 16x20 Photo Holder (Case/50)

$140.00$115.00, 2/$210.00, 6/$570.00

Top-Loader 11x17 Photo/Litho (Case/100)

$175.00$135.00, 2/$258.00, 10/$1,250.00