Top-Load 3x4 (reg/standard) on sale 1/26/21 (8am PST), Card Saver 1 - 2/1/21 (8am PST), and then another sale on 2/5/21 (8am PST), and another 2/15. Please check our product pages for the latest ETA and on sale date. We have tons of product inbound!!! All sales online only.

Top-Load 3x4 Color Edge Trading Card Holder in Black, Blue, Red, or White (Case/1,000)

Our color edge 3x4 Top-Loader fits all standard size trading and gaming cards. This product really highlights cards with its bright color edges. This product is available in Black, Blue, Red, and White color edges. 25 Count Packages. Sold only by the case/1,000 (40 packages).

******* CONFIMRED ETA IS AUGUST 16TH **************