Next load is ETA August 13th. We will have more standard 3x4 Top-Loaders, "rookie" top-loaders, 8x10 Photo Top-Loaders, 24x36 Top-Loaders, 29x43 Top-Loaders, PSA & BGS Perfect Fit Sleeves, Top-Load 18x24, and a big qty of regular soft card sleeves! Card Saver 1 & 2 is ETA 9/5/20.

Lowest Prices Anywhere


As you browse through our new web store you will notice the emphasis we put on quality. We have been making our own brand of collectible supplies for 30 years and in that time we have seen the industry change dramatically. Unfortunately, it seems there has been an emphasis on low prices instead of top notch quality. At Cardboard Gold, we make every product we sell and thus can ensure that every item we sell is up to our "GOLD STANDARD"!

Beware of wannabes, knockoffs, and non brand name products out there.

Our products are made to our exacting specifications. We use only the highest grade polypropylene to ensure clarity, the strongest welds, and long term archival quality. We use specially formulated rigid vinyl in our Top-Loader line that is chemically inert, non-migrating, plastercizer free, and proven safe for the past 30 years (we still use the same factory!). Our famous line of Card Savers have a "glass like" clarity that is unparrelled since 1987.

Our line of Deluxe Acrylic Memorabilia Display Cases revolutionized pricing when we introduced them in 2002. We were the first company to make them in China to exacting quality standards that were actually superior to US made versions and still are.

At Cardboard Gold, we are obsessed with quality and value - just like our customers! We will continue to bring out new products that meet our standards, and exceed yours!

Thanks for your continued support these past 30 years!

The Mayes Family - Founders and Owners of Cardboard Gold, Inc.