Top-Load 3x4 (reg/standard) on sale 1/26/21 (8am PST), Card Saver 1 - 2/1/21 (8am PST), and then another sale on 2/5/21 (8am PST), and another 2/15. Please check our product pages for the latest ETA and on sale date. We have tons of product inbound!!! All sales online only.

Perfect Fit(R) Graded Card Sleeves

New from Cardboard Gold! Our new Perfect Fit(R) Graded Card/Slab Sleeves are coming in very soon. Available only from Cardboard Gold and our authorized distributors, no one can match our new OPP (oriented polypropylene), ultra clear bags that feature a taped, resealable flap and a fit so "perfect" that you can hardly see the sleeve!

-- Glass Like, OPP Plastic -- Unique, Tapered Flap -- Sized to Fit Perfectly -- Acid Free, Archival Safe -- 4 Mil Total Protection

Only from Cardboard Gold and only for PSA and BGS slabs!